About me.

Hi and welcome to this “About” page.

The person Brian Jacobsen is born 10-05-1984 in a city called Horsens. Its in a Country called Denmark and that country is a part of Earth. Which again is a part of what the human race calls The Solar System which again is a part of The Milky Way Galaxy. This Galaxy lays in the Universe which all is experienced in what I am, consciousness. Awareness is what I am. The Person is what I thought I was or would become.

The tools as consciousness to experience and explore which I am aware of for now, is: The Mind, The Body and Co-sharing experience with others in forms of giving and receiving!

As interests is healthy mind, healthy body, being conscious in all actions and experience the freedom and abundance which is within us all. Viewing the world with the body’s eyes everything merely is seen as a dreamworld of opposites. Beautiful unfolding in the one mind we all share and create with. I have no personality its mere an illusion which benefits no one. Experiences come an go, and the tools for me to experience fully what is, is letting go of judgement on how things should be. Yes, I do still have goals for the body, ideas to share and feelings to offer every body. But the foundations this works from is how things are right now and a complete acceptance of this place and space which is currently experienced. My creations is everlasting. They are share with everyone and manifests all over the world. Creations sprout from the foundation of peace and joyfulness. They are a part of the whole but also they are the whole.

This perspective gives me the ability to act decisively, intentionally and efficiently. Here I see a tremendous freedom and an environment where everything, everyone is welcome and can come and go. I love without attachment, though it is still a lesson in progress and new things is learned everyday.

About me as a coach

I live together with my girlfriend and daughter. In a house on the west coast of Jylland,Denmark. Here
I share life experiences and my passions with them both. Enjoying to have a partner to talk with,
laugh with and open myself up to. One of my passions is to exercise, learn the body’s functionality
and through it communicate my health, happiness and peace.

Everyday I challenge myself to perform better, be creative and bring my joy to everyone I meet.
Spontaneously talking to strangers, hear about their perspectives on life or whatever that encounter
brings up. I am learning to have fun with all aspects in life. Emotional, energetic, physically and
personally. Living with the understanding that, to give is to have, and to love your brothers first
learn to love and know myself. I embrace change and welcome the feelings life brings. Feeling the
wind, the cold, the warm or joy. To face my fears and walk through them, meanwhile noticing my seeing
expand for each step I take.

Appreciating the body is of great importance to me. As for the body itself it is neutral. So it is
kinda up to me what value I put into it and what function I see will benefit it to have. So I’d like
to use it to express my inner seeing, confidence, acceptance, forgiveness and how I am a happy
learner. The body is also great for teaching responsibility, showing what I give attention to, what
thoughts I value. I do my best to give myself 100% in every encounter, be it a meeting, a dog, a tree
to leave it again happy and joyful.

I have developed exercises which improves the functionality of the body. To have the body carrying out
the desired tasks in mind and doing so as gracefully, efficient and artistic as possible. I simply
exercise because it brings a clear, focused mind and presence into life. It is fun, challenging and
inspiring. Learning to improve everyday and to enjoy all kinds of weather is my kind of thing,
especially to overcome that little voice inside that says; brrr its cold, you can’t do it, not today
maybe another day and so on. I call that one: The inner critic. Also just to go beyond the critics we
meet in life. Let nothing stand in the way of happiness and joy. Simply to settle for anything less I
see as a mistake.

Exercise for me is like an artist painting. Yoga brings in harmony, powerful experession and
stability. While Gymnastics is like the wild animal tamed yet brutally strong. Explosive, fast and
focused. Weightlifting is like a bear with gentleness. Carrying heavy weights though maintaining
precision and calmness. Kettlebells and running are like the tigers on their hunt, while moving its
heavy loads still in an efficient manner and with outstanding accuracy.

While you exercise there is also another aspect of the body which are crucial. The diet. Here I have
chosen to live mainly on a vegetarian diet and it is still with great appreciation of all the
varieties this way has brought into making food. The lightness after a meal and ability work
efficiently makes the reasons for keeping a vegetarian diet. To have a holistic approach to it, I
consciously choose organic or bio-organic grown foods. It simply is the best.

As a coach I guide myself, friends and clients towards their goals. Everyone has the answer inside,
sometimes we just need one who can see through the cloudy weathers of thoughts and old beliefs. I give
trust to my clients, honesty and a solid foundation for them to start growing. Sometimes it is enough
to hear a new way of motivating yourself, or acknowledging your own progress. For my part I am limited
in a sense that I cannot teach what I have yet to accomplish. Here I will join my client in a learning
space where we go hand in hand together and see how it can happen. I love challenges and have so far
in life, never given up. Which is then something I can teach 😉

Live life today, dont listen to what others say and then do it your way!
Give your best today, tomorrow it might be too late. Make this moment count!

Be free and live life.




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