Individual Experiences

Advice of perspective towards everyday life situations with a focus on the so called ADDICTIONS

Been through all of the drinking, smoking and food addictions.

My perception on this matter is simply this: I accept what experiences the body and ego had for its ,ego, ludicrous idea of satisfaction and insane search outside for pleasure. Came to the realization that there is no peace to find there. Even smoking the joint, which gives a wonderful feeling indeed. But everyday? No, instead; 

Keep this in mind it will give you the ability to see a choice. In All things you do, practice this:

There is no bad habits. There is only unconscious ones! 

Meaning understanding the effects and have responsibility of what you put into the body.

Cannabis is a wonderful feeling, but also this one most go!

I am still open to have a drink if I choose so. Smoke sure thing. Though now I practice walking the talk, which is said. No smoking for 6 months nor any alcohol. Mission accomplished already. Do I wanna smoke? Well I do not even plan tomorrow anymore so if it comes I’ll make the decision there. All I know now is, I am conscious in my actions right now, this is my safety and peace of mind!

Body is innocent, but misunderstanding in the mind can happen and illusions will have an effect only in order for you to recognize your self again!

Personally I went to no meetings, no nothing. Simply I made a choice and have always talked openly about it, even when smoking and drinking. This is crucial step, honesty towards yourself. I made a choice to experience Peace and Freedom. Not for a day, or a month or even a year. In everyday and in everything. I want freedom and this can be given you!


0 I am the Truth.


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