Reflection – Spaciousness – Embrace

Sitting here I suddenly figured out, I have no life. What I mean by this, is the thing that everything is uncertain and a mess. I wake up, trying to make out what I enjoy. While all that really matters is being in this moment without this mind-chatter. What if, what will be, may come and so on. It is just illusions. What if everything here is just a dream? – I’ll let this question stand, drop the idea to bring together this life into what I can understand. Leave it as a mystery. No start, no end. Only here and now can I see eternity. Paradoxes, Humor, Change.

The one who sees all will forever remain. Letting go of the desire to control this show, will fortunately bring me new hope. Hope for a hand, to bring peace among man. Take my definite stand. For too long I have tried to play the guy, invunerable and a superman. While all along, inside, I am not that “strong”. My strength lies in my hope for you, my Self and I will let nothing stand in the way for love, peace and to be happay!

Honestly my pride, ego-side has been with, hidden deep deep inside. Somehow raising myself above others in an un-favorable way. I am you, you are me. Together we enjoy this world in peace. As a unity unfolding their inner beauty.


Here some music I’d like to share, enjoy.


/I am


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