Recommendation: “Touch” – A Tv-series


As for life and being these days. It is quite staggering and rich in experiences. Our daughter is growing, learning, teaching and  having several dumps a day ;). Mostly life is about, feeding, making food, laundry, walk the dog and simply being here for everyone. Oh, still managed to pull of a christmas eve and new years eve. Way to go!

These weeks in January we have awareness of what we eat of sugar, also organic cane sugar. The idea is simply to have a simple and healthy diet. Checking up once in a while to see, that we still follow-up on our initial goals is for me of importance.

Now for you readers out there, which has curiosity for numbers, patterns and how everything is all connected in a higher purpose. Well, my girlfriend found this amazing tv-series called “Touch”. I’d advice you to check it out. Inspiring both spiritually, emotionally and simply humane :D.

Oh! Another diaper to change –

Great day to all of you, may this moment be for your inner eyes to See!

Love and Blessings,

Your friend in time – Brian


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