iNtuition! – Your friend or Enemy?

Miallo my beloved reader,

I believe we all have an intuitive guide. Our Intuition you may say, which gives guidance to every question we ask. I have faith that we get everything we ask for. Sometimes it can seem the opposite, but then examine it closer and see, it might be, you asked without understanding what it really means. Next some questions which has the potential to give you an everlasting tool – enjoy.Image

What is intuition to me?

Do I follow my intuition?

With intuition it can be a great guide or the worst. It all depends on your question. So be specific when you ask. Know with your heart that the answer to this question, will make this day the best your ever had!

Examples: I want to become a doctor. Well this can be accomplished but it might also mean you have to say goodbye to friends, free time and even peace! The foundation I ask from is what I can have with me forever.

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