Living healthy and what it means in practice

Miallo my beloved reader,

In this post I will share with you some thoughts and insights about health.

A healthy foundation is a necessity for anything to grow. Healthy simply means, it works.

In the past I thought I was healthy! I have now learned, my definition of health was set very low. My focus towards the body as the means for health, by simply looking good and pumping heavy iron was not nearly enough, to handle life here on earth. Pain, anger and arrogance became the effects of this ”health”. I found myself in a constant fight to look best, improve the body and be right in arguments. Peace or happiness was mostly affected by outer circumstances. E.g. How others gave me smiles, compliments, success with the ladies and the internal mental preacher: “You look awesome, wauw some great biceps”. But also the very same coach talked like this: “Your chest is small, you need to eat more, you need to work harder, you need to eat better, you need more”, it almost became like a parasite. Of course I also had a lot of fun, happiness and feeling great! But as mentioned most of it came from the illusion and misunderstanding that it was because my body looked like it did. Not for who I truly am. The fun burst out of the bubble when my economy finally cracked, an addiction developed from smoking cannabis and an enormous anger and ignorance was suddenly my daily preacher. All the projection outwards switched inwards. To say the least: OUCH! I noticed one cry out of my very soul and heart: “I just want to be my Self. I want to have inner peace”. My focus then switched towards what really caused all this mess, where can true peace be found? Who and What is my Self?

Now a healthy balanced mind is of the highest of importance. It is thee first priority. Understanding that from a healthy mind, a healthy body develops as a result. Thus In order to obtain a healthy mind, I set the goal of Inner Peace as my main focus. Everything else is now of secondary priority. This seed of peace has been planted and is slowly, yes patience is in deed an important skill, being recognized and growing. As for the body, it becomes the communication tool for bringing my message of peace and joy to this world.

The lesson of peace is an absolute lesson. It is only accomplished when peace abides continuously! Success is therefore the ability to recognize the truth in every given situation. Simply by recognizing what I am. This is not yet so for me, while experiencing conflict in the mind, struggles and tensions in the body. Nonetheless the goal is firmly rooted in my awareness. Every situation is now an opportunity towards its accomplishment. The choice is always between, Love or Fear.

The foundation for peace is: Understanding, Love, Kindness, Giving, Sharing and Wholeness. It is a fact that, what I am is already whole, created perfectly in the likeness of Love. All that I have asked for is my full awareness of it in every aspect. The conditions to obtain this awareness is a happy learner. Reminding that there can be no justification for fear, anger, resentment nor ignorance. Simply notice that these are total opposites to peace itself and therefore nothing I want. Sharing what I learn and my goals, is also necessary, as it cannot be accomplished alone.

This is how I do it  and here is also tools you can use towards peace.

First I take responsibility for my feelings, my emotions, my judgment and thoughts.

Notice how I feel, am I at peace? Remembering to be very honest with myself.

If Yes – then trust and have faith that actions will spontaneously sprout from this place with love and kindness. Enjoying the silence of the mind. Also referred to as, bliss, liberation, joyousness, peacefulness, mind-”fullness” etc.

If no, then I must have made a judgement about the situation which is misplaced. Cause my knowledge of my perfection and wholeness tells me that everything is okay, it is merely my perception of it that sees it differently.

Then carefully watching my mind for the judgement, notice the reasons for why I am feeling as I am. E.g. Feeling anger because someone said something, or the weather is raining or what ever it is. You have to find and identify the reason your mind justifies to feel not at peace. When identified contemplate its reality. Is it something you want? Is it benefiting your goal towards peace? Or what can I learn from this? By addressing yourself these questions you will regain power of the judgement and become able to either let it go, discern it as a mistake or forgive yourself for misunderstanding. Correction is now possible and let then your mind be open to receive what your heart truly wants. E.g. I would like to be at peace with someone calling me an asshole, seeing it has not effect to what I am. Or being at peace with it raining outside understanding that water and cold feelings can’t harm.

I experience sometimes, not wanting anything at all, simply just to be. Other times I want to go give someone a hug, show my love towards one another. Writing on my blog, articles, work on some goals I have set up. What ever feels genuine for you in that moment, let yourself receive it and act it out. E.g. With the raining. Go out into the rain and feel it!

This practice will not make peace perfect for you, it will make it permanent. 

You have the power!

I will love to hear your comments, experiences and ideas on this subject. Does it work out for you?

I am with you, together we make the world better

Now this is my ultimate goal in life. Actually I see it as the one final lesson that brings me in direct communication with everything again. The end of experiencing sadness, separation, fear and even the thought of death.

Thank you for reading

0 I Am


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