How to notice, when you are dis-honest to your self. Then overcome it.


Everyday we have lessons to learn, to experience, to see and enjoy.

We constantly chose between love and fear. Choosing love will bring happiness, joy and peace. Which will be felt instantly. If these feelings are not present. Forgiveness is the key. Forgiveness brings immediately relief and gives a vision so bright you can actually see everything, yes even at night! šŸ˜€

While when we make promises to ourselves, whether it be to hold a diet, a goal in mind, any genuine wants of the heart. The mind will hold it in awareness and when we then skip our own promises. Like eating the candy cake even though you in your heart know, you really do not want it. Then afterwards you will feel a sensation, some kind of hint, that this does not benefit you nor your goal. It actually is a great reminder of your very own intuition guiding you. Embrace these feelings, reminders when you have misunderstood fear for love. Recognize when you listen to the ego’s senseless madness and give your self time to chose again.

The Choice:

There will be an opportunity every time you feel strained, pain, fear, anger, anxiety, depression or simply lost. To stop up, notice the feeling. Identify it. Feel into it and see what message it brings. Then ask it gently to be forgiven and let it go. If you need another step in the process, ask yourself. “Can I let this feeling go?” – if yes, then ask. Can I let this go Now?. When yes, then the following sensation will be an uplifting feeling. A lightened heart.

Ask for forgiveness or give it. Learn this lesson well and you will overcome the world of fear.

When you have asked to let go of the fear and straining feelings. Then your mind again is open. Ask then from your heart what you really want? E.g. I want to feel love, I want peace or happiness. I want to let my self feel the joy of simply being here.

To assert yourself when you then experience the gifts of your asking. I can recommend to add. I am feeling love, I am feeling happiness. Or affirm. I am love! I am free!

These gifts are eternal and will be given when truly asked for. Also everyone will benefit from you being at peace, freedom, love and joy.

So what are you waiting for. Forgive yourself, your brother, your friend today. And be free of the past, the ego it really does not need to stay. IĀ Thank You for choosing love.

Enjoy your freedom with grace.

/0 I Am


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