1 conscious habit


I recommend this following conscious habit daily:

Give yourself 5 minutes min. between every task of your day. Be it, cleaning, working on the computer, project, socializing, playing or whatever you have in your daily experience. After each task is completed. Sit and relax for 5 minutes, simply feeling what is present. The body, the breath, thoughts, outer sounds. Then let it all go.

The breath as a cleaning tool:

Visualize all your thoughts, feelings, judgments and emotions as writings in the sand on a beach.

During each in-breath, see the fresh ocean water rushing in over the beach.

During out-breath, simply see all the writings in the sand be swiped away. Fading and fading during each breath until the beach again is clear and plain.

Come out of the visualization and notice what is present. Just notice, there is nothing to do here right now. Let all sounds come in, be noticed and fade again.

Then just sit and acknowledge that: “What I am, is everything but nothing can stick. All comes and goes – I am free”.

Now the mind is cleared and ready for the next task.

Enjoy your being!

0 I Am


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