Living healthy and what it means in practice

Hi everyone,

Some thoughts and insights about health.

A healthy foundation is a necessity for anything to grow. Healthy simply means, it works.

In the past I thought I was healthy! But my definition of health was low. Simply looking good and pumping heavy iron is not nearly enough to handle life here on earth. Pain, anger and arrogance became the results of this “health”. A constant fight to look best and be right.

Instead a healthy balanced mind is of the highest of importance. It is thee first priority. From a healthy mind, a healthy body develops as a result. In order to obtain a healthy mind, I set the goal of Inner Peace as my main focus. Everything else was and is of secondary priority. This seed of peace has been planted and started slowly, yes patience is in deed an important skill, to be recognized and to grow. The reflection of this peace results in a balanced, healthy, functional and efficient body as well.

The lesson of peace is an absolute lesson. It is only accomplished when peace abides continuously! This is not yet so, while experiencing conflict in the mind, struggles and tensions. Though ever since the goal has firmly rooted itself in the awareness, everything is supportive towards its accomplishment. Its foundation is understanding, love, kindness, giving, sharing and wholeness. I am already whole, all that is needed is my full awareness of it in all aspects. The conditions to obtain the knowledge is a happy learner. There can be no justification for anger, fear, resentment nor ignorance. Open mindedness and honesty are virtues which benefits this goal. Sharing what I learn and my goals is also necessary as it cannot be accomplished alone.

I will love to hear you comments, ideas and insights. Take action and join the conversation.

I am with you, together we make the world better

What are your goals in life? What do you see as the highest achievement, accomplishment for you!?

Be free and shine with that beautiful love I know you have with you inside! Insight from me to you, you actually need to give love to have it! Be joy and have joy with you! That’s how you make it and recognize the truth!

Thank you for reading

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