Your effortless Success Mindfest – Free this week, 41.


Ready to emerge and expand your awareness of the possibilities beyond the body’s perception?

Here at Effortless Success Mindfest. Teachers are presenting tools for you to set up a way to achieve the goals and desires you have in your life. Their main aim is to establish a correspondence between your mind and body – while keeping the heart and our abilities to communicate in alignment. The sessions are build up in a consistent order, first teaching you how to listen to these “coaching” sessions. Then how to actually keep an intention in mind, next step is to take action on that part ;). Finishing it off with, an experience of growth and a Q/A session with the teachers involved.

I am currently at the 3 session. They have a new quite intriguing method called, fast learning. Here they give the whole session played in 3 – 5 times the paste. First the voices sounds extremely funny, though still I noticed that my subconsciousness still catches the whole session. It is best for replay after initially having listen to the session in normal speed.

Choose happiness today and recognize your greatness.

Grab your free pass here.

Thank you,

0 I Am


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