Make Facebook support your growth.


Are you using Facebook? Are you being USED by Facebook?

Stand up, make your choice. I chose for 1 year ago to stop everything on Facebook. Switching to only have a supportive and inspiring news feed flow!

Focus your Facebook news 

Here is one of them to share with you:

When you wake each morning, before you
do anything else, repeat this phrase of
intent for your day.
See how fast your life changes when
you control how your day goes instead
of living life in “default” mode. 🙂

Daily Intent:
“My life is AMAZING right now!!
Thank You for this incredible day, where
I experience all the things and people I
enjoy the most and am treated with love
and kindness, respect and compassion.
I am grateful for the abundance of money
and resources that I receive today as well
as all the very lucrative and loving
opportunities that get offered to me.
The universe knows what makes me
the most happy in this current dimension
and brings me a constant, steady, and
consistent flow of those things, and
experiences delivered with love and protection.
Thank You to all the beautiful beings
who are involved in making my “NOW”
and my day as well as my remaining life
such an amazing and beautiful experience.
My eternal love to you all!!♥ ♥
Turn the tables around. Make your intentions of having a beautiful and amazing day! YEAH.
0 I Am – for you!

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