Starting up a service

Hello everyone,

This post is unlike anything I have ever written before. Actually it is a big black hole in my consciousness.

The questions for me, actually for the last 1½ – 2 years have been these:

What can I bring to society, my brothers and mother earth? First my answers where my interests. Supporting it. My approach has been developing tools with the current understanding of how I see the world and its growth.

Now I wanna turn the tables around again and open up to my actual readers and possible brothers that can receive the service.
What can you see me

  • helping you with?
  • Supporting you in?
  • What am I to you?

One thing I am sure of is this. I am here, I can give joy, certainty, happiness and peace of mind. How this can look like for the receiver is totally up to him/her. I am here to guide and share  a trustful, open-minded, gentle and faithful perspective.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about this. Feel free to include perhaps some more valuable questions also.

Thank you for being who you are!

0 I Am.


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