It is enough for now! – Useless information OUT!



Simply I have had enough of my own confusing and scrambled mindset for the last 2 years. Carrying around garbage long grown old and ready to go.

It is important what content we have on our computers, hard-drives, closets and especially MINDS! So clean it out. I am simply deleting all subscriptions which does not add up to my interests right now! Not the ones I “plan” to do, only those which are active as for now. The same with the bookmarks list. All emptied.

Check up the information and content you read. See if it actually supports the way you live and see the world today!

Yes – it might take 1 day to go through it all, a lot of emotional stress, blockages, anxiety, scarcity of losing value-able information- jiddi jadda. All cured by rice-cookie with peanut-butter and banana.

What I have come to discover in my life so far, is, that the information and content I do need in any circumstance will be given. So be it. Giving my trust to the universe and the spirit which speaks for us all.

Have a good day – my fellow learner and teacher!

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