Inspiration for a healthy diet – Recipe for Nettle-buns

Hello, Welcome to the walk-through of a Nettle-Bread from scratch for 15 – 20 buns. Main Ingredients for dough:

  1. 50g yeast
  2. 5dl water or soya milk or cow milk. (I use 3 dl soya milk and some water)
  3. 2 spoons of coconut oil
  4. 1½ teaspoon salt
  5. 8dl grahams-flour
  6. 4-5dl Wheat flour (fill so the dough is easy to handle and non-sticky/sticky)

Addition for healthy content:

  1. 1-2 sticks of  nettles
  2. 2 spoons of chia seeds
  3. sunflower and pumpkin seeds of your liking
  4. grated lemon shell
  5. 1 – 2 spoons of agave syrup


  1. carob powder
  2. honey
  3. nuts
  4. lin-seeds
  5. oats
  6. Amount of the above is for your own liking. Experiment 😉

Walk through in the making: First got get your ingredients for the bread 😉 Pick your nettles in the garden or in the forest. I recommend them to be as newly sprouted as possible, about 10 – 15cm in length as a maximum. Shop the rest of the ingredients ecological, bio or organically grown. Otherwise locally grown, though the lemon has to be grown organic! You really do not want to have pesticides directly into your food.

Take the coconut oil and melt it in a pan. Add milk, water and syrup / honey and stir til mixed. Pour the mix (max. 37 degrees or just about finger hot) into a bowl with the yeast. Stir.

Then add lemon-shell, seeds, salt and nettles. Stir. Optionally if oats are used let the mix rest for 10 minutes with them. Add 8dl grahams-flour and stir till well mixed and finish off with the wheat flour until the dough starts to easily lift of the bowl. The texture of the dough will be just between the sticky and non-sticky for your hands. Give the dough a good rubbing on the table with your hands. Always remember to have a good feeling and give the dough some LOOOVE! Possible think of those you wanna share it with 😉

Let the dough rest in the bowl with a blanket over. Perhaps in the window with the sun, or what ever weather is. In sun about 30 – 35min. Without sun 35 – 45min. I love to let the sun do the raising for me, as the dough never gets the same. Next you make 15 – 20 buns out of the dough, and place them on a baking sheet on a plate. Again rest and raise for 20 – 35 minutes.

Preheat oven for 180 – 200 degrees Celsius with airflow. Now they are ready to be put into the oven, lower part, and baking takes 12 – 18 minutes depending on size.

Take them out and let rest for 5 minutes, if the top got hard and solid, put over a twisted wet sheet for the 5 minutes. Now ready to be served hot and delicious!


Rich in C and A vitamin. Omega-3 oils. B-vitamin and fibers.



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