A day of no spoken words.


Today has been kept in fasting, no speaking and meditation. Also some playing with the dog, giving water and listening to Mooji. Here at 18:30 I had a couple of cups of herb tea. While I turned on the computer! Which actually I had promised not to do today. Well – I got inspired to make an Mindmap of the “A new Beginning – Rules and Habits” In this map I share the Rules for decision-making to accomplish the day you want.

So here it is: A new Beginning – Rules and Habits

The mindset for today is: “Truth answers every call we make to God, Responding first with miracles and then returning unto us to be itself.” – Behold your brothers sinlessness, and be you healed.

Thank God we cannot change who we truly are. Kept forever certain and perfect in his Mind. Here on Earth it is forgiveness that is his reflection. An undoing of judgement believed to existence.

0 I Am



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