Meditation week and inspiration towards inner peace


I am on the 5th day of the meditation week. Started out with a short meditation, about 10 – 15 minutes on the idea:

“Sickness is but another name for sin, Healing is but another name for God, The miracle is thus a call for Him”.

This statement and realization is the main idea to contemplate today. What I see is, it gives the body a higher purpose, the mind a higher calling. Switching from “self-enjoyment” to actually bring health, healing and peace, happiness as the purpose of existence. In every action and non-action.

Today I have decided to have a healing meditation of the energy-system. Also referred to as the chakra’s. The meditation is a guidance of each chakra’s possibilities, clearing “blockages” (old beliefs, misunderstand and fear). It works with visualization, sound waves, metaphors, wisdom and a guidance of body / mind union.

Tomorrow will be a day of fasting, contemplation and meditation. Also no speaking during the whole day. A 12 hours simple noticing. No computer, no interactions, no chores. Finishing the day of a relaxing blend of herb tea.

Looking within simply to recognize the freedom I am and therefore bring!

0 I Am


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