Today the 4th day of meditation


As for the week of guided meditations pointing towards the very being we all have and are. Here is the Universal Mind guidance and recognition. It is a 1 hour of meditation where of 45 minutes or so is guided. Simply press the link and place the  body in a comfortable position. Sitting, laying as long as you can remain alert and not follow the idea of sleep.

Yes the picture seems like a budda sitting still and contemplating. But reality and actuality is different. A state of mind rooted in awareness can actually be very active, fast, slow whatever the physicality and surroundings is. The mind is still, free and open! Remaining at peace, joy and happy in deed 😀

All meditation practices are just a step towards training the mind to recognize the peace that abides inside. Looking forward now to being able to act from this state in all parts of life. Going from living life, acting life to I AM LIFE!

0 I Am


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