Meditation for today:


On this 3rd day of meditation week, the meditation practice has been short to say the least. Actually only 30 minutes of meditation until reaching the evening. So now before bedtime will be a perfect 40 minutes of simple noticing. Again I will let Mooji guide my awareness towards its own recognition. The method he uses is also referred to as Vipassana. This form of meditation is great, when you have established a clear focus and great attention control. Even when having a trained mind, though one can still have misunderstood / misidentified with an object or subject as your identity. So Mooji simply cuts all attachments to both body and mind, leaving only awareness.   It is what he sees as the most direct way. He then encourage you to remain as awareness in everything that occurs. The reason for this, is to de-attach from all worldly objects and gain confidence, peace in your simple being. Then when this has been triple checked as your true identity. Then mind and body will gladly serve any purpose which can arise from your true identity.

Enjoy and remember, nothing can disturb or change what you are! Everything happens in awareness.

Rest in Peace – now.

0 I Am


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