Day 1 of “Meditation and Relaxation”: FEAR – Bluff of the Mind!


I encourage you to look. I my self is now looking, to find all that, which I am not! To totally confirm and acknowledge my power and being. Something is stirring in me, something is saying and keeps saying. Look, what is this, can it be you? If that is you, who is then looking and telling you this. Who is the one aware of all this?

Mooji is a great guide to look within and see for your self. To reflect and come to an un-disputable  recognition that I am that. What I am cannot be seen, it has no form, no image. The memory of what I am can come to awareness again. It is merely a knowing an understanding. Which no one, nothing, not even DEATH can take away from you. It simply is forever Рeternal in all its beauty and power. Come to this recognition and life, joy and happiness will be your effect.

Thank you – enjoy your looking.

0 I Am

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