7 days of meditation and relaxation


The next 7 days, will be for simplicity, guided meditations, contemplation of forgiveness and lesson of “A Course in Miracles”.  I have chosen to hold my own retreat right here at my home in Sdr. Rubjerg. For this purpose I have collected some links with free meditations: Meditation (Map includes links to 6 meditations. A buddist, mooji, universal and Gary Renard guided meditations). Also in this week, there will be outdoors meditations, going from minimum 1 hour – as long as comfortable. The idea is to have the meditation, the state of being as what I am, to continue throughout the whole day. This is easier to recognize when attention is focused inwards and guided to let go of attachments, daily life, thoughts, body, judgement, conditioning etc. To see that all this is merely ideas that occur in what I am. This I will recognize and it will be easier to remain as awareness and build my foundation here.

The idea here is simply to recognize what is here and now. Release and recognize the source for judgment and bring in the function of forgiveness in its place. This will bring me at the Cause of the World and see it merely as the play it is. A projection of the mind and all the bodies in it is simply a chance to bring my gifts of happiness, peace and joy to share with them! The best way of sharing this for me, is spontaneous and with Love.

Now a cup of tea and then 1 hour guided meditation with Mooji – Natural Noticing.

0 I Am


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