The choice to become the master in life.

Miallo my listener, reader and goodbye to you critic!

Yes! Is the best word and feeling to start a day. It encompasses, acceptance, gratitude, love, life, happiness and joy. So I have decided to play with the idea: Becoming the Master in Life. First step was to find the ultimate goal of life and start mastering the skill to accomplish it. The goal is so simple, I missed it by a 28 years long shot of trying everything else. Going from earning money to make life more fun, to gain the body of my dreams, then everything will be right. Studying at the University to gain a degree to play with nanostructures, ps. I quit after 2½ years there. It then went to party, drinking. Smoking cigarettes and a great substance called Cannabis. What bliss it gave, oh dear. “No worries”, “no responsibility”. Erhm at least not while a joint was close by. That lasted just about a year…I then started to question: EVERYTHING: “Why am I not satisfied? Why am I not Happy? Why do I get angry? Who am I? Who are you? What is the meaning of Life? What is my purpose? What is Love?”

Actually the last question is a joke, being together with my girlfriend and us saying to each other: “I love you.” Though I still mentioned to her: “I do not know what Love is!?” She laughed of it, but suddenly it came to us both. Maybe Love actually is something totally different then what we had in mind. So where is all of this going. Well Life started to turn around after these questions. It is like when the questions contemplate your very existence, life turns around and starts to help you recognize what it is.

I received a book called: “A Course in Miracles”. It’s a book which challenges all this worlds beliefs and assumptions. It goes beyond death and the body. It teaches me how to recognize what I am. My goals this day and everyday now, are the same: Peace, Joy and Happiness. It is goals which goes on 24/7. You cannot have peace for just 5 minutes, then when someone knocks on the door, peace gone. No no, these goals I want them to last in all circumstances! First step for me, is to recognize what is peace? Have a taste of it. Peace is a state of mind where I am the master. There is no room for fight, cause fighting would imply I am NOT the master! So my first lesson was and is: There is no justification for anger. Yes, that one was not easy to swallow. Anger has been a part of my life for so long I simply didn’t know, that one can be without. At least I had forgotten that one can! So if there is no justification for anger, then this world I see, materialized before my body’s eyes must have another meaning! My course then told me, You are not the body. What? … Okay question then. What am I? – I am Spirit. I am Love. Okay well, this answer did not at all satisfy my quest. An experience of what I am is necessary, a mental concept just does not suffice. So for every day in 350 days now, I have been having one lesson that points towards the recognition of peace in EVERYTHING! Also it has turned my life around, giving me the idea to start perfecting my actions.

How I eat, How I sleep, Talk, what I want, what my goals are. What I think of other people, what I talk about. How I walk, how I feel. To say the least: Holy molly it is fun! I decided to start mastering daily life. With an attitude of  peace, grace and joyfulness. Yes, washing the dishes, doing laundry, cutting the lawn, exercising, yoga, eating, having sex, kissing, playing, teaching, writing, standing, breathing and thinking. All this has brought me to many insights: Love can only be shared, doing things to pleasure the body alone is only momentarily and really not satisfying. Eating cookies, masturbation, meditation all this is nothing unless you can share it with someone. Then again all this cannot really be shared…. What can be shared is the love and light I can bring. The peace I can teach and the forgiveness I can give when someone is struggling. Yes this is something that really can be given and this has become my chosen function in life. To accomplish I had to recognize all the temptations and pulls towards “self-satisfaction” and yes I am still learning. “self” means the identification with the body as the means for the end of the giving. I will attempt to go beyond the body and teach, give what lasts forever. What requires nothing except a mind to share it with.

The key lesson to master life is therefore to “Know thy Self”. Yes a master once said that, Jesus Christ. Boy is he right. The Self he talks about, is not this “invented identity of the society and conditioning of the world”, it is actually the life force that flows in every one of us. It’s guidelines for recognition is peace. happiness and joy. The tools to share it are Love and Mind. Body is merely a small aspect which can be held as a function to help giving the correction to brothers who still seem to identify as the body. Here I have chosen to be the savior of the world with a message of salvation. This turns the table around, because now every brother also becomes a savior to me! What I give him and teaches him, is simply what I will receive in return and so forth. Forgiveness is the most direct approach I have found so far and its function is simply to look beyond the body and into mind / soul. Knowing I am forever sinlessness and so are my brothers.

Thank you for being you!

Love I Am



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