Daily nourishment – going locally.



Its about to “fall” now in Denmark. Weather is windy, cooling and about to switch to winter. Yes and nettles they sprout, grow and show their beauty colors.  Picked up a bunch today, ready to add into bread and soups! Here is a link with advice: http://www.ehow.com/how_5782097_dry-stinging-nettles.html

Yes nettles your heard it correctly. They sting only when still fresh, therefore dry them up, once you got them home. Next step is merely to make soup, bread or salad and sprinkle with nettles. Why? They are rich in iron and c-vitamins. Great for a coming period of cold weather and keep the immune system up to date.

Stop op, go slow. You’ll notice much more when all there is, is to enjoy the show!

Thank you,

0 I Am


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