Exercise routine, with a twist!! Your inspiration for a SuperHealthy life-style

Miallo my friend,

Next step with the exercises is to create a better sense and feeling with the movements. Up until now, all exercises have been carried out with;  time intervals, repetitions, short breaks in between, long breaks, slow movements, without eating, after eating, intense training and with some focus on being at peace during.

Now we take it to a higher sensory level. Blind folded! Yep you read it correctly. For one week, the next exercises will be with a blindfold on. This increases my awareness of the body feelings, sensations, mind focus, awareness of sounds, wind etc. The exercises will be pull ups, chin ups, jumping rope, 300’s (check map), 360 degree flip around, yoga asanas, hand stands. Yes even swimming is done partly blind.

The idea sprouted from noticing my eyes looking at the dog while exercising. Also how my attention swifts back and forth towards external sounds and internal. Closing out distractions with a blind fold will hopefully give a better sense of the movements and feeling. Witch then will give a better workout, towards peace, focus and happiness.

It is not how you look, act or how your house look like. What matters is: “How you feel?” – “Are you at peace?” If not, then stop up, feel yourself, your thoughts, your judgement and let it go. Remain as the awareness and give fully the love you are into the present moment again.

Live life, choose freedom, be at peace and soon everything will workout with a certainty and ease!

What is most important to you, How you feel? How you look? How people think of you? How you think of other people? Being the victim of the world or mastering it? Its your choice! Disagree? Test me, I’ll study with you and together we can see that what I write here is real!

I Love You! Now let us share that Truth!


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