Progress of body and its looks


Today I bring about pictures and how the body has developed after the exercises the past months.

To find older pictures simply search on the blog: “pictures” and older posts will come. Anyways, honestly, I see small progress in terms of muscle growth. The body is stronger around the mid-section, the balance is increased and the functionality of the body has developed. Exceeding any before reached abilities. Focused on stretching, running, chin ups and to focus on subjects for longer duration. In addition now the body is maintained on a pure vegetarian diet. No supplements, no dairy products. Plain good organic foods. Natural sunshine, a good amount of self discipline and a will to improve!

Here are the pictures, hope it can inspire you for a healthier diet. The pictures dates range from 24.08.2012 – 16.09.2012. Yes my dog is with in the pictures, he is a great companion in running and challenging ones mood with ground exercise by running around you or straight towards you at full speed.


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