Free pass for you to guided meditations

Hello fellow reader,

Are you new to meditation? Here you can start gently by guided meditations. They will guide you into a calm, serene and relaxed state of mind. Releasing old habits, mind chatter and past / future worries. The benefits can be felt in all areas of your life. How you eat, making home work, cooking, coming up with new inspiring ideas. How you interact with other people, maintaining joy and happiness in your life. Recognizing love and peace as choices you have the power to select whenever you like!

Join us this week at the Today the meditation is focused on Relaxation and Awareness. The Himalayan Master will teach you to focus on a specific phrase or word and gain an inner calm and presence which you can bring with you every where you go. I can recommend all the meditations and the benefit in the range of healing the mind, relaxing the body, vitalized energetically and gain focus into you daily life.

Happy meditations.

0 I Am.


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