Forgiveness – links and supportive community


Forgiveness is the topic. It simply is the most powerful tool to recognize what ones true Self is. It works only towards peace and harmony. It cannot fail and the tool is build for your protection and given to share freely with everyone! Forgive your self, helps you and everyone around you. Forgive a brother helps everyone around and yourself.

Forgiveness works by identifying what is here and now. Not thoughts, not judgment simple being and presence! It brings reality back and with peace at it roots. This enables the mind to open and to receive the love and light given everyday!

Important to acknowledge the need for forgiveness, not because of sin, wrongs or rights. Simply to recognize what is here now! Without past nor future.

Are you deeply interested in liberation and a life abundant with love and freedom. Follow this link which works deep with the tools given with “A Course In Miracles”. With the goal for freedom, peace and happiness!

We start today – so tomorrow will be given from the seeds we plant.

It is so important to recognize ones own greatness and divinity! So this awareness can light up the divinity in your brothers! Light shines darkness away.

Thank you,

0 I Am.



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