Gratitude to food – bringing it forth these wonders for you.


Starting your day with a smile and gratitude is a great way. Knowing that each step you take, is certain and with faith. The same includes your daily food. Be certain it supports you in the way you choose! The food I eat is supporting an active lifestyle full of energy. Energy to go slow, be fast, exercise hard and also to simply relax. Move with a flow of ease and peace. That is the goal!

Here is brought your daily food support. Actually its more like a sharing of foods to choose from. A guide to cut through the un-necessary temptations and dark-lights.
Conscious eating brings about gratitude and happiness. The best guide is your own self inside. First you’ll have to choice health in order to recognize what feels good right now! Once you choose to accept your health and gifts, then you can recognize them and the inner guide will grow in strength.

I have made such choice, bringing you the foods I now enjoy. honestly as I can. In the mindmap below, you’ll find the ingredients of the food eaten today. The amount and how much is up to you. One rule is good, after eating you’ll like still to be able to walk and breath going with ease and fully!

Body diary – 30.august

Here are some affirmations that helps me and maybe you in accepting a new way.

I am healthy, regardless of what you think of your self right now everything is all right. Yes, I am healthy.

I choose to be healthy

I choose to be kind, I am kind!

I am free, I choose to be free.

I trust the infinite, the universe to guide me in the way of peace.

I trust and I am faithful that life supports even someone like me.

I need to do nothing, simply I am what I am,  image-less and free!

I am without lack, cause I am everything, that is a fact! I am starting to recognize that!

Awareness is simply here, it is not a doing nor a thing. It simply is and that is its functioning.

I hope some of this can give you the experience and faith of what is real!

Reality is for me, that I am pure and innocent in everything. Yes I make mistakes, that is all that they are. First they need to be recognized then correct by the One who is with me at All Time. There is no more fight, like the game of chess: Where is the fight if no one starts? Now this is a metaphor for the perceived struggle in the mind. Do not touch the pieces it gives you, to fight its endless battle. Stop up and see it’s nothing more than imagined!

0 I Am


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