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today my experience has been profoundly insightful and an indication to empty the mind of all the crap which suits nothing right now! The whole morning I walk around, cleaning, fixing things in the house. Suddenly I noticed that I have not said a word in 4 hours. But within it felt like I have been blabbering for ages! Something is out of alignment 😀 It seems I unconsciously let my attention go to the one blabbering in the mind. Now it has been revealed and action will be taken immediately to let all energy and attention be right HERE!

First tool is to let and notice the breath, have a whole day just focusing on the breath and its way.

Next notice is even during exercise, bike trip, I noticed the wind blowing against my ride, suddenly starting to feel happy that it would benefit me on my home ride. Great thought yeah? NO! Back to present moment and feel its stride and the wheels how they ride. Let the breath go deep and wide! MMM thats right! Yes my lesson got magnified, by actually puncturing on the first 2 km home ride. Ha ha, so obvious that the thought back then was merely a disturbance. Now I had to run the rest of the way. Here is my lesson during the run.

For each step you take, be alert, relaxed and feel the way. I noticed the muscles tighten a little before hitting the ground making the running movement somehow strained and unsound. Changed into trusting each step and this gave me a much bigger and flowing step! Have faith in each step you take, that it all will carry you on your way.

Oops, even a third lesson. During shopping I had an option to come home with a surprise. I had no idea for what to give, so I went into the past to look for something nice. Yes chocolate with liquorice. But then picking up the plate, I noticed that a lot of them fell to the ground. This is unusual to me, not being able to spot the movements, influences I make. They fell and I got this intuitive sense. You are buying this chocolate unconsciously, meaning what is the “Why” to buying this chocolate?

What is the point in all of this: Simply that everyday shows us hints towards the goals we set. Are you conscious in your way, confident you can make the choice that leads to happiness? Or is the world simply happening to you, your’re the victim and there is no way to see it all through? In the past I was unconscious about most of my re-acts! Today I learn my choice of peace and happiness every day. I have asked of love and have learned that is about going within and see the mechanisms that I am responsible for everything! Yes reminder without any sin, error can occur and be recognize just to correct it and even have fun with it meanwhile!

Life is just a ride, better have fun with it then keeping a sense of unrewarded pride! Learning is of time, to recognize that which words cannot define.

Here is your daily mindmap with nutritious foods and exercises:

A guide to a healthy lifestyle

What are you noticing in your day?

Do you let your past thoughts come and stay? And how do you deal with them, if anything?

Have you ever just lived in the moment and wanted to stay!?

Everyday we make the choice to be sad, mediocre or simply great. You have to be willing to learn with faith.

Thank you for your stay,

0 I Am.


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