Body diary – inspirational foods and exercises.


Today the focus is based upon exercising the whole body while maintain a steady breathing pattern. This is accomplished in the 5 Tibetans. Here you bend the back and stomach back and forth in various positions. Laying, kneeling and holding the balance on arms and feet. Also you spin the body around, making it even clearer the point we all have inside where nothing moves and everything is still. To spin around 21 times without getting dizzy one must enter this inside and let the rest flow around knowing its all right! Great exercise in the morning, making the mind and senses super alert right away.

In the diet map, you’ll find ideas for breakfast, midday, dinner and also added is dessert. Everything is organic. Mostly raw and without any processed foods. Its a vegetarian diet and includes all vital nutrients for a healthy body.

Today we, girlfriend, dog and me, went out for a walk to check up shelters around the community. We went with the rest of the town and a new experience took place. We found ourselves walking dead last at one point. The group in front went over the field where free cows where eating grass. We went inside the area and just as arriving to the middle of the crossover. The whole pack of cows, around 20, had just before followed the other group. They now turned around and started running towards us. Have you ever seen the Lion King and how the bulls runs there, well that was the sight we were faced with. A sensation of fear went through the body, but then a very firm, confident and strong energy took over. Simply stating, remain calm, my girlfriend started to express her scarcity and calling for me. I simply asked her to join over with me, then the cows run towards us and stopped as I made a sound calmly but full of power: Wooow with a deep buzzing to it. They circled around us and just followed us all 3 over the rest of the field. One woman also came to us helping to open and close the gate so no cows would follow with out. Great experience 😀

Here is the mindmap for today: Body diary – august 25.

I will love to hear your opinion of the mindmap.

  • Do you have any suggestion for improvements?
  • Does it matter how it looks?
  • Can you use it?
  • Is there in other content you would like?

Thank you, your voice and ideas matters! Please share 😀

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