Daily Inspiration for a Healthy Lifestyle, foods and exercise – New recipe for Raw Protein Bars

Hello, Miallo, Hey, Hi

Do you know the feeling of, there is so much to do I don’t have time enough? Well, everyday thoughts like these can take your attention away. It is almost like the world is being pulled down over our heads and then looking around everything looks dim and obscure. This has to happen! Buying into the voice for limitations and fear a new perception of the world will appear. Everything looks dead and sad in this way, surely to give a hint that you have judge yourself to be less than perfect and glad! Trying to change the new perception can and will take a lot of time. But what really is efficient is to get to the foundation of the sight and admit that maybe your judgment of it is not right! Be glad you were wrong, open your mind and listen again to the loving sound of peace and a sight with no time!

From within is the foundation for the life without the idea of sin! Claim your own power and confidence and accept nothing less than a perfect harmonious oneness! Forgive the past. Start opening your eyes to the wonders of all.

Now you may wonder, what has all this to do with inspiration for a Healthy Lifestyle, foods and exercise? EVERYTHING. Yes, to live healthy one must claim his right to be healthy. Recognize inside that everything right now is alright, choosing for life, peace and happiness as guidance for the ride.  This body we experience has some needs. Food, water, movement and all for the sake of shining happiness and health. This is the purpose I have chosen for the body. To communicate health and that is its function.

One see the glass half full, others see it half empty – well I see it with the life-force spinning through the vague materialism.

Enough talk – here is simply your inspiration for the healthy stuff: healthy Life style – 24.august

Pictures of the new recipe for raw protein bars:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your choice to a healthy lifestyle. The step is today, benefits will stay forever!

Enjoy today,

goodbye, farewell, no matter what we say, I am always with you!

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