Start today, eat healthy – recognize the benefits of going slow!

Hi You,

Everyday can be a struggle of maintaining or become a wonderful flower that blossoms. Here is how and why going slow can help you recognize that beauty really comes from the inside! Every moment we choose between love or fear. Love is recognized by accept and gratitude of what is here. Fear is the thought that things should be different from how they appear.

When we go fast in our lives, shifting from one task to another. Doing laundry, dish washing, chit chatting, the thought of just: “When is this done?” Can rise. It comes when we do not pay attention to what we are doing, but merely that this “needs” to be done in order to do something else. Have you ever noticed the thought, “oh finally when this is done, then I’ll be able to do this”, which usually have an attribute of: “Making me happy”. Or a more darkened one: “Why am I always the one who needs to do the dishes? Why can’t he /she get her big fat / lazy ass off and do it too?” So often with these thoughts we forget everything, noticing only lacks. Well, this is actually the whole idea behind, what I call, the ego-mind. It thinks itself to be an isolated identity, where pleasing comes from changing the world into suiting its own needs. Which, of course, is of the body, as this seems like a something that can give “pleasure” just by itself. The trigger to ego-mind, by fear, happens so fast, that we barely notice it in our daily fast paced life’s.

Therefore I suggest you to go slow, have a day doing everything in half the tempo. “Funny, I just noticed my self going fast on the buttons!” Here are some reasons of why going slow helps you in life!

  1. Going slow helps your awareness to stay in the present moment.
  2. You will feel more with the body, thereby noticing what is simply here.
  3. It will expand your awareness beyond the senses of the body: Awareness of thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, visualizations and intuition.
  4. Going slow improves your ability to make right decisions.
  5. Improvement in all areas of your life. From folding laundry, mental calculations, your health to the ability to enjoy everything as it is.
  6. Peace can be recognized and from here freedom will emerge. Everyday will become a rest: Filled with peace, joy and happiness.
  7. You start to know thy Self and will Love yourself for that!

Yes, it’s also important to take care of the body! Here are suggestions to accomplish that: Body diary – 22.aug

Thank you for giving your self time to read this!

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