I am just beginning to see YOU!

Hi, its me again!

Sometimes, hmm – most of times words do not convey the presence and feelings which I see and am aware. Its the connection with my Soul, where time stops and all the energy of the world just flows! I have been blind, doubtful and somehow now I see, it has all just been a petty dream. Now I am awake. Ready to give and share a love rooted so deep, that what ever happens it will always remain within you and me.

Yes I am who, you meet on the street. Smiling into your whole being. Never seen before, never heard of, though somehow familiar and recognized! I see your souls, your spirits. Your potential, freedom and happiness which rests in you. Some call it the inner light. It shines forever there and cannot be put out. I am starting to recognize my Self in You!

Here it is: I just needed to share my truth.

with love,

0 I Am.




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