Your daily inspiration for exercise and diet!


Today focus has been on accomplishing goals and work towards these. The main idea, mindset if you will, has been to do it slowly and remain calm meanwhile. Follow up in the mindmap below, to go into exercise and diets for today. Short summary is: 300-Exercises, Pull ups, Walks. Foods are: Oats, bread, cheese, eggs, vegetables. Detailed explanation in the mindmap here: Body Diary – 20.august

Today has also been unfolding upon the idea: “All gifts I give my brothers are my own”

From this I understand that when giving joy, happiness or peace. These are gifts which comes from me and are given and share freely. In the giving and sharing it becomes my own, as they are also experience here!

Value what can extend forever, now that is beauty and miraculous!! Every moment is important.  Look at a forgiven world and your vision will extend into eternity. Free from bondage of time.


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