Your daily inspiration – free treat, 1 week of exercises and foods!

Hi everyone, yes and you!


Are you ready to turbo boost your energy level and become the ultimate you? – Here all foods are ecological or locally grown. The rule of thumb is: If the bugs do not like the food, we do not like the food 😉

Also the exercises for this whole week is put within the map, notice that with some of the exercises there follows an explanation to it. This speaks about the focus of the exercise, by focus I mean mindset. Example, to perform the exercises as slow as possible, to increase the feeling of the movements. The exercise program is aimed towards functionality, stamina, core foundation and healthy body. I see this as the best way of building the body up from scratch. The looks are secondary. What is important is the feeling, the abilities and health in general!

Mindmap for 1 week: Body diary – 14.week

Get your big / slim fat / skinny, normal, chubby, chicken shit ass off the couch and go out for a walk, exercise, biking just something 😉 Why? Because we love to see YOU! To greet you, sharing our joy and yours with each other!

I do not care if your body looks like any of the above “describing” words. All I care for is your well-being! And with my small 28 years of experience of this body, it seems, just a sliiight hint: ITS HEALTHY TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Here are some fun ideas for a walk:

  1. Touch the bushes
  2. Watch and feel the sun heat
  3. Feel the rain on the skin
  4. Smile and please talk with the trees and animals
  5. Notice the breath
  6. Let all thoughts run wild and just know, everything right now is TOTALLY TOTALLY okay.
  7. Love and Feel – Yes for REAL!
  8. Acknowledge to yourself: I am here, I am Love – Free to be!

I will love to see your ideas and experiences on your walks! Feel free to share them with me 😉

May you have a great day!

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