Body measurement and photos – progress of 3 months


Its been approximately 3 months of working out now, goals have been simply to gain a stronger core and maintain a steady practice of working out on a vegetarian diet.

Measurements are now: Body measurement

  • Weight: 73,7 Kg
  • Fat%: 9.1%
  • Muscle%: 45.1%
  • Organ fat: 0 – 1 units which is within the healthy range.


before and now


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Here you can see images of the body as it was and is right now. All photos here are shot in a relaxed state.

Comparing from the starting point, I see mostly balance changes, a straighter back. What really makes a difference is how the body feels. The feeling is much lighter, effortless, comfortable in various positions. More at ease in exercises. All in all, inner core and yoga, tones mostly the invisible parts of the body. Enhances the senses and relaxes the mind. The core is stronger and flexibility is improved! When this foundation is put, it is a lot easier to build on muscles and tone the body as you would like. This is yet not the goal though. My focus lies simply on the functionality of the body not its looks. Still fun to see how it develops though. For your inspiration also.

0 I Am.


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