Your daily inspiration for diet and exercise.


Have you ever asked yourself if what you eat, yes everything today, is supporting your goals and way?

Every bite you make, can add to and help the body to remain at a healthy state. I attend to keep it that way. This requires the choice to listen and receive the signals the body gives. I have experienced these past few days, that the diet has switched from focusing on mental knowledge of nutrients and measurements, to the feeling and natural simplicity of the signals the body gives. Switching from a perception of lack and needing to fuel the body to work, to a perspective of I am okay, I am healthy, what foods can benefit the body to stay this way.

I eat small portion. Giving the stomach space to work with the food and digest. Chewing everything slow and good. Feeling each bite, the taste, the sound, the flavor and delight 😉 Let one breath flow before next bite. For me this is a great start. Ps. checked out the pee, it looks yellow so this asks for more water.

Today no program for exercises was put in place. In return a little play on gymnastic bars, a bicycle trip and some morning sun salutes did find their way.

Check out the mindmap for inspiring foods and exercises. Body diary – 11.august

REMEMBER, beautiful shooting stars tonight!!

With love and Light

0 I Am


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