Your daily inspiration for food, exercises and Peace!

Hello fellow readers!

Today I started out at! Yes the dog accidentally pooped inside and started to cry. Went up and stayed with her till she fell asleep again. Meanwhile I meditated on the mindset: “There is a peace that Christ bestows on us” This peace that is talked about and which I ask for today, is so complete, changeless and all encompassing. It is within everyone of us! Its there merely for your asking. It has always been there.

Had a cup of black tea, surely that made the tummy rumble! Well the diet and exercises you can see in the mindmap for today!: Body Diary – 9.august Caution, the late dinner is with A LOT of onions. Not for the sensitive stomach 😉

If you are interested in a diet for losing weight, but like me LOVE FOOD, then my current diet the last 5 months is fit for this!

Thank you for now, here I stand to salute and bow!




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