Erhm… eating on emotions. A little bit of everything. Mind, diet.


the daily diet map is here. A mix of all kinds of foods. honestly I have no idea if this works for the stomach good or bad. Just felt like eating!

The exercises for today is strengthening and some yoga. Can feel the 50 reps from 300-exercise yesterday in the body.

All in All, the started out inspiring and free, ended up closed and confused. Uncertain. I guess I also have a humane side… and my mind has a hard time accepting it. FAILURE FAILURE now there I said it. The “perfect” image of this becoming nutritional, exercise and spiritual  teacher / coach bowed to feelings and emotions. You want the truth? – okay, this is not gonna stop me. I want my freedom and joy to be rooted so deeply nothing can shake the foundation of it. Is this really un-attainable? NO – I am love, created by love and all-powerful. I cannot be attacked, yes the body can be injured. I Am NOT a body – I AM SPIRIT! – I AM.

Well hope you like the diet / exercise map for inspiration. So far the start off from 9 days relaxation is a little bumpy. I’ll get a hang of it 😉

Body Diary – 8.august

A closed mind is like going to the movies without sound. Open it up and see the light that shows where true love can be found!

sincerely yours

/Homer you DOH!

P.s. Thank you all you wonderful readers! It all means none if you can’t share the fun! eh- sun, okay I’m done…



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