Accomplish Peace Today! Satsang


Here with Mooji, we work on one subject: The Truth.  It’s all we point at and Mooji has mastered the ability to talk only as consciousness directly to consciousness. As He states it, somehow “the others” is an idea that came into mind when it started to identify itself with the body! This other is an illusive idea and he proves it. When you feel someone talks directly to your heart and being, this is what Mooji calls consciousness to consciousness. Which is what we actually are! Yes following from this comes mind and body into being and with them their functioning. That is simply here, enjoy 😉

Great talk, wanted to share it.

Remember this is not THE truth for you perhaps, it’s a way of recognizing the truth. Not all beings are ready to discover this for themselves. But a hint is this: When all questions boils down to one and this question will not satisfy with a mere informational answer, rather it demands to be experienced. Then you are ready for these SATSANGS!

/0 I Am


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