Daily inspiration for diet and exercise/ tests

Hi there,

sometimes life can be hard, not knowing where to start.  Yes everyday starts out by the mere awareness, “Yes I am here!”. Mind comes afterwards “THEN WHAT!?”. Then nothing! Oh wait, now I “remember”, there is this plan and goals that I’d like to achieve. Well lets get right on it weeeee! It is a paradox indeed to be okay with everything and still having goals to achieve. Well, my goals are Joy and Peace. Apparently also some bodily needs. Eating vegetarian and a healthy treat, makes the stomach sing happy oh eeee! BUT WAIT oh no, I am falling in Love with a material FORM! Haha its just a joke, I am here thats all I know. What is right what is wrong? Just let everything go and let love, life and be the flow! Give everyone around that wonderful show 😉

Diet today is here for you to also feel this lightness yeah! … seriously got an issue with rhymes, but when it rhymes… IT MUST BE TRUE!

I am telling you, there is no sin, so stop kidding yourself and let love life in!

Here is the mindmap with nutritional foods and feel free to mix em as you like, just remember the body will tell if its REALLY something you like 😉

Body Diary 7.august

The test for 300 exercise and goals to do it in 15 minutes FAILED! It took totally 16 minutes and 57 seconds to perform a total of 300 repetitions.

Be free, smile it does make life go with more ease 😉 oh yes and PEACE!

/ 0 I Am – SPirit!


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