Mindfest – Become the Ultimate You!


Playing with the subconsciousness, consciousness and your abilities of the mind! Reclaim your power of the mind! TODAY! Sounds hard? Let Paul Scheele guide your first step towards peace and relaxation. Which is necessary before you can go to the next step. If you do not have peace you will not recognize abundance. Fight, anger, fear is of the past of the future. Right now everything is okay, acceptance yes, feeling it yes. Is it unbelievable NO, does it require faith YES! say yes to peace and happiness today!

Before starting 1 hour of organizing my whole computer for files, projects, mindmaps, pictures, games, notes, texts etc. First I start visualizing how I would like the computer to look like afterwards, How it will feel and what this will benefit. I choose Peace, Joy and Happiness! Bring it on! Then I do this paraliminal supercharger. http://www.ultimateyoumindfestevent2012.com/session1.html?aff=UY1690 its free so check it out 😉

0 I Am – here for you!Image


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