Your Diet And remain still inspiration…!?


4th day of the neutrality week and no exercises. Its a strain to simply just remain. Body is cracking and ligaments also. Thoughts about exercises are coming and actually thinking about starting up exercises again seems like a new mountain to climb. Funny how thoughts can create illusions of feelings toward a future action. Its great to also experience the feelings and thoughts just sitting. An idea to organize and clean out the computer and my environment came up! Yep cleaning out a lot of old unfinished projects, bills, papers, Facebook groups, email inbox, categorizing folders on the computer and etc. etc.. Finally putting all focus and attention towards the goals that is at hand right now! Any how, here is the mindmap with foods for today:

Body Diary – 2. august

Oh yeah, Claim your right to know what is in your food! Here is an article about non-gmo project. All I know, is easy come easy go. Growing faster perhaps means more money but also more nutritious? Well, I like my food clean, nutritious and natural! The human engineering vs the earth natural intelligence:

Well its up to you what you like in your food and what works. All I see that mankind has tried to copy the beauty of earth’s woods, seas and natural environment for ages. And guess what, we have not even come close yet, to match its beauty! I want ecological / organic foods, yes.

That’s all for now.

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