Started clean out and organizing – Facebook: 17:59 – 18:51 – 19:54 – Break / Food –

Ready Set GO!

18:39 – done with cleaning

  1. old and inactive Facebook accounts
  2. apps requests
  3. un-subscribe from the updates un-interesting.
  4. un-like old groups and pages.

Next step:

Organizing email list and decide what to keep and what to throw. Creating categories and folders for each subscription

– glass of water and juice! – a little stretch!

18:51 Start gmail clean out and organizing. to make a game out of it, and added some great features. Looping email, forwarding etc.

19:54 Finally cleaned out email box, gone through last emails and managed subscriptions. Still to make new labels and archives for what I want to save.

Lets have a pause – possible some water and make some food! Hey, being your own boss aint that bad at all! Yes it requires discipline and consistency. Loving it!


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