Integration of blog-posts

Hi everyone,

As I write blogs, follow blogs, I notice that many blogs offer advice and suggestions for a better, cleaner, healthier and peaceful life. That’s all great, reading it gives great inspiration and inspires to share also.

Here is the reality check-up: I WANT TO DO IT!  It is one thing to get the idea and see its suggested value. To understand it and experience the effects one must do it! Put it into action, this will give inspiration to others also! 

It is very convenient that its my girlfriend who wrote this blog post about: “Cleaning out and organizing your environment” As this is really something I have been postponing to do. Why? Simply this task seems overwhelming and a lot of fear arises to accidentally delete some projects and information that is necessary.

So how to choose what to keep and what to delete? This is decision-making and I am at a point in life, where logical reasoning and money has no value for me. It has become “hard” to make decisions now as this was my earlier approach. Now it all boils down to one “simple” decision to make in all situations:

Love or Fear 

I am ready to face reality, so I want to release my fears. I know I still experience fear and it limits me. Somehow my Soul and Spirit cannot anymore accept these boundaries. Its time this Spirit experience the Freedom which is my inheritance! To let go of my fears, I have to look upon them first, define them and name them before I can let them go. This is necessary to recognize that I my Self have created these fears out of lack of knowledge.

Instead I want to recognize Love, Faith, Kindness and my true Power! I am a co-creator. What I create can never be taken away, it will expand forever.

Until recently I saved anything which could have a little value for me, a picture, a coin, a project idea. Actually I have carried around with me, 3 ex-girlfriends phone-bills for the last 6 years. Doh! Mostly the reason has been the underlying fear of losing it, “the value”, or it being taken away from me. Which for me would mean I would be worth less! This has created an immense lack of faith and trust in my Self. Simply I have identified my self with something I am not.  That is about to change! Cleaning out everything on the computer, the closet, organizing it into files is first major step in letting go of the past.

The common purpose in all of this is the recognition of Love and Faith!

0 I Am


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