Your daily nutrition diet – Food-mania

Hi everyone!

The exercises are taken off. And honestly the restlessness is quite agonizing!! Nonetheless, I stay put 😉 7 days of relaxation and yes – FOOD!

The last 2 days diet is filled with calories, the portions have been huge. Its all nutritious and great tasting. Here is your map for inspiration: Body Diary – 30 – 31july

Monday was with a hilly hike trip. Here are some of the pictures taken during:

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Going on walks each week, the benefits are amazing! Opening your mind,trusting your own food steps. Gaining the fresh air, seeing environment changes and most importantly healing by the very beauty of nature itself! Also we walk in a 3.5 – 4km pr. hour tempo which, with hilly terrain and swamp paths, is a great tempo to get the pulse up. In the beginning I look down for each step to take, as the ground is never flat! Now my body and awareness clears it out. Walking and enjoying the whole scenery is my gift.

Tuesday was a day of sitting on the floor playing Mathable – a game where you work with the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sitting on the floor is quite a challenge, try it out for a couple of hours! Oh yes, went on a 15km bike trip to pick up foods for pizza. Then after the “heavy” eating a little walk with the dog.  Day 2 of neutrality complete!

During these days a lot of food is put in. The thoughts of “this is a sin” can come by, but trust yourself and know its all right. Give the gifts of forgiveness upon you and others, your worth has not diminished at all! It never changed, only the concept sin can put you in vain! Simply I say, you are wonderful, loving, kind, powerful and no matter what, that’s how you remain!

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