Here is inspiration for gaining weight, food-mania!


Yes, food is good! Eating about 6 times a day, keeps a full stomach going. Sometimes its a bit over what is comfortable some times its just about comfortable. Anyhow, I’d like to share some of the dishes which has been eaten today. Its high in calories. Its all vegetarian foods and ecological. I have noticed once and a while I have eaten, even though not feeling any hunger! This I would say, is letting unconscious mind rule somewhat. Recognizing it and naming this, is first step to let it go. Emotional eating habit, eating out of fear, neglect, passing time what ever the reason that ego, unconscious mind comes up with why to eat.

Its funny, this body I experience works totally opposite others! When I eat A LOT, high calories, fatty foods. Pizza, cheese, chips, yogurt. It just all comes out again, meaning eating more then needed I simply poop more. So I am starting to recognize that this body actually does not need that much nutrients. Its very efficient in making the best out of what it gets! Importance relies on the composition, anyhow, I am still in a learning process in all of this, so it’ll continue until certainty comes and shows the way. Now I am simply looking, witnessing the functioning of mind and body. Testing out and see how it feels.

Here is the mindmap:Body Diary – 1.august

Here is some pointers I choose to use, to see when it is enough.

  1. Breathe deeply and feel how it is in the stomach, when it strains this means enough.
  2. Have a walk afterwards brings more awareness to the body.
  3. Sitting on the floor, back straight tells right away if the stomach is bloated, relaxed or strained!
  4. Burps, yes burping 1 time is good. Its simply gasses mixed with the stomach acid which reliefs.
  5. Diarrhea, this indicates easily something mixed is no good 😉
  6. Mind wandering and unconscious habits starting, well, too much attention to stomach can be cause by over-eating then attention and awareness slips from the present moment. Effort is needed then ergo no peace.
  7. When you start to question the next bite, also here its great to recognize why this happens!
  8. Give yourself time to actually enjoy, feel and appreciate each bite of food.

Well, the unfolding of natural mind and awareness is fun. Enjoy it and witness how some things important before, thins out and become just another experience. Not like it is nothing but simply enjoyed and fully experienced without judgment! This is not the only way, it is simply a way of recognizing your Natural mind. I like the way, its without effort and has focus on peace and joy!

Live life, be spontaneous. Ask questions and experience answers!

0 I Am.


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