Last 2 days of body diary before 7 days of neutrality


This is the last day of 2 months continuously training everyday.  A minimum of  30 minutes exercise and up to 4 hours on a daily basis. Exercising the body in disciplines such as: Core strength, stamina, body weight lifting, and kettle bell / focus circle training.  For union of soul, mind and body. Yoga is the discipline. It’s about working with the energies which flows in us, around us. Learning about the slow pace of calmness and its subtle powers.

What all this has taught me, is the greatness of peaceful and joyful workout. The ability to maintain a steady focus, a calm mind and observing the graceful moves of the body working together with the mind as one. The body is a totally neutral thing. It has no meaning of it self. But the ability to share, give, show and teach is a gift which I see as the highest goals. To look beyond the physicality and gain direct experience of the power which flows through everything. I feel it when positioning the body in a core pose, when performing a swing around, holding a pose / asana and feeling. I have also noticed that anger denies all this, and simply “forces” movements while they then lose their grace and beauty. It becomes edgy and sluggish. Calmness and Peace of mind is where everything starts from and where true power expands! Here when recognized knowledge starts to slowly express it self in experiences.

It has been a great achievement to maintain a steady workout, keeping a strict diet and through this gaining the ability to maintain ideas in the mind. Though there is no satisfaction to achieve these body results. What has been most giving for me, is to share the calmness and peace I have recognized throughout! The joy of being and enjoyment of being able to perform at an alerted mind. Sharing is crucial.

Today I decided to fast. Nothing goes in, plenty goes out :P. Fasting is from sunset to sunset. Yes, I still have exercised for the 3 hours today, soul  exercise I call it.. Yoga practice and the stamina / core exercises. By the way, it feels great! Mind is alert and body senses all sharp. 7 days of rest, relaxing and meditation is up next!

Here is the mindmap for the last 2 days. It includes, diet and exercises. Be inspired: Body Diary – 28 – 29july

Body measurements:

  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 71.8kg
  • Fat%: 6.1
  • Muscle%: 46.3
  • BMI: 20.8

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For the next 7 days, there will be opened up to talk about your goals and ideas! Feel free to bring up your next step towards healthy living.

Just do it,

0 I Am.



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