Your daily nutrition and exercises!

Hi there!

I am here to give you your daily suggestions for a healthy diet and exercises! Am I healthy? – I live by my word,  you judge it.

Today has been 32 degrees Celsius and its great for the exercise outside! Yep, a 3km run with the dog and strengthening exercises afterwards. The Breath is my biggest challenge and focus for now! Having the sun on the skin, smelling the new cut grass and swinging around on the Gym-bars in the open air. Beautiful.

Afterwards having a cold shower before the dinner with a vegetarian lasagna, with the top notch Spinach 😉

Yep got a friends visitor around 23pm so the yoga exercises will be performed now at! I’ll focus on the resting asanas. Like: Forward bends, Janusirasana, Lotus Pose, Hero Pose, check them all out with pictures in the mind map.

Here is your daily mind map with all exercises, yoga, foods and today also suggestions for dessert. Body diary – 27. july

When you set your mind to do something, let nothing stop you! A happy outcome to all things is sure!

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