How to become healthy.

Sometimes your own thoughts and doings are perfected by the ones close to you!

Peaceful development

First of all, lose all your identifications on how a healthy body looks like. If you have an image of how you would look like when you are healthy, you have assured yourself of a failure! Cause the body image changes and is limited to perception instead of reality. A  real beauty comes from happiness, joy and peace. If you feel happy than that is what you will be radiating from. If you are healthy than that is what you will give.  What is important is to ask yourself why would I like to be healthy? What do I mean by being healthy?

For me being healthy is:

  • Having a healthy mindset. With focus on truth and peace.
  • To have ease with using the body for my daily activities. For example to feel great while cleaning, doing the yoga, walking or when standing and making food.
  • Eating healthy diet. From…

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