26.july – Your daily inspiration for nutrition and exercise!


are you focused, ready to receive.

Lets recognize right now, how is the breath? Be aware of the surroundings. Look at the body sensations, the feelings, accept what is here and know that this is okay. If not feeling happy and content, this needs not to be. Lay the judgement aside and recognize the reality that I am are here and simply being is okay. Relax. Let the body breathe and and enjoy its simplicity.

Today I have some cognitive exercises, physical exercises, a mindset for the day and healthy nutritious foods for you.

When standing up in the morning the mindset starts here, the first 10 – 20 minutes of the whole day will be affected by what you let into your mind at this stage of waking. So I decided to have the mindset of:

This day is for Stillness and Peace –

Then open my mind for the possibility to receive these thoughts and recognize this request. Keep the mindset in mind all day, remind yourself  whenever peace is disturbed that this needs not to be and again recognize and request that this day is for Stillness and Peace. Yes you are this powerful and you are asking for something which you can achieve. So it will be given you! Not in form, not in material but in being and awareness. To make it clear, it is a MINDSET, not a body rule! You are fully capable of speaking while remaining still and peaceful of mind!

Next is the physical / cognitive exercises. This is the morning yoga, where  body and mind unite. Releasing thought and focus all attention to the movements, the breath and let feelings flow in each asana. I do a routine called Ultimate Freedom, its an advanced routine so I’ll suggest for you to start out with what feels good for you.

The Physical exercises today is focused on stamina and core muscles. Jumping rope as warm up and then go into each core posture. Start out with about 10 – 30s and expand to 1 minute. See mindmap for suggestions to postures and sequence. In each core posture the importance is breathing and feeling the contact of floor / surface and letting the energy flow in the body. This means the muscles are actually relaxed and soft. YES I keep the mindset of Stillness and Peace in mind during exercises!! Everything in the daily life, all actions, non-actions, situations and so on – keep in mind: This day is for Stillness and Peace.

The nutritious foods are also in the mindmap. SO here it is: Body Diary – 26.july

Oh yes, for the mindset: Before going to bed, also practice the mindset once again. Give yourself 10 minutes to sit / lay and go over the words and recognition of Stillness and Peace.

Any questions, ask!

Any comments, ship it!

Loving this post, RATE IT 😉 – and share it, it might have the same benefits for your friends!

Is it crap? Let me know and give me a chance to see what can it  can become.

Thank you for now, yours in time and beyond!

0 I Am.






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